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  Solar Powered Flasher
Solar Flash/Steady Burn:
Full time warning light for all road works, construction projects and many innovative applications such as oil derricks, detour alerts, clear line delineations, airports, and railroads. Made of durable Polycarbonate, bright - easily visible day/night.

Solar Flash/Steady Burn comes completely assembled and ready to install. No WIRING is necessary. Universal hardware included. Solar Flash and Steady Burn in one unit.

No Maintenance Required!

Colors Available: Red, Yellow, and Blue 

Flash Rate - 60+/- Times/Minute
Height - 12 in
Width - 8 in
Depth - 3 in
Weight - 1┬Ż lbs
Power - .4 watt solar panel
Energy - 1200 MA nickel hydride cells
Illumination - L.E.D. (20,000 hours life)
Lens Material - Lexan (polypropylene)
Base Material - Polyethylene
Overcharge Protection - built in
6 Hour Sun Charge - Three Nights
On/Off Switch Automatic on dusk, off dawn (flashing/steady burn)
Security - Security bolt tool included
Attachments - Hardware for most barriers
Vandalism - Replaceable solar panel shield
Warranty - Two year limited warranty

Other Features:

Removable Solar Panel Protector
Crystalline Solar Panel
Board Mounted On/Off Switch
Polyethylene Base for All Applications
High Impact Lexan Lens
Security Mounting Hardware
Computer Enhanced Reflective Ring
Environmentally Friendly Nickel Hydride Cells
Product Set Up

No Wiring
No Battery Change
No Electrical Installation
No Bulb Maintenance
No Electrical Costs

Comes Complete with ALL Hardware Needed!
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