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Night Cones

Available in 18",    28" 7lb,    &   28" 10lb


1. 100% Recyclable PVC
2. One piece construction, injection molded to eliminate base separation
3. Brilliant fluorescent red-orange with UV inhibitors

Performance Characteristics
1. Elongation: 620%
2. Tensile Strength: 1845 psi
3. Hardness: 75

Heat Resistance:
Cone was placed upright for 1 hour in 178 degrees F circulating air oven with a 1.36 kg mass suspended inside the conical section from a 2.5 inch diameter disc placed on top of the cone. JBC cone exhibited no sign of slump or sag

Cold Resistance:
Cone was placed horizontally for 2 hours in a 0 degrees F freezer with the top of the cone supported so as to make the base plumb. After 2 hours, a 2 3/8" diameter steel ball with a mass of 0.91 kg was vertically dropped through a virtually frictionless guide tube onto the cone surface. JBC cone showed to fracturing, cracking, or splitting of cone or base.

RC7004CT cone is CALTRANS approved.


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